Inle Advisory Group is a boutique firm focused on development opportunities in Myanmar.

As Myanmar opens up to political and economic engagement from around the globe, Inle Advisory Group will be there to provide in-depth and comprehensive advisory services for clients across industries.

Drawing on deep knowledge of the country combined with our local connections, Inle Advisory Group will uniquely serve our clients to ensure they are fully informed to invest successfully in a challenging environment, promoting the “gold standard” of business practices that will benefit our clients and the people of Myanmar.

Our clients will see the difference working with Inle Advisory Group: success.

Our Core Values

A set of principles our clients and communities where we work can come to expect and share.

The “Gold Standard”
Achieving a higher standard of business practices and service quality.
Honesty and Integrity
Promoting trust through the conduct of service provision and investment.
Responsible and Transparent
Protecting the health, safety, and development of affected communities and client investment and adhering to the letter and intent of laws and regulations.