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Myanmar has emerged as Southeast Asia’s newest tiger and will be the future market to drive growth in the region.

Expectations are high as Myanmar’s government begins taking the first steps toward democracy and a free- market economy in more than fifty years.  Aspirations – both economic and political – need to quickly translate into results on the ground.

Our goal is to help identify creative solutions to the emerging challenges and opportunities in Myanmar. We work with our clients to connect them with the right people to create an investment climate that ensures rule of law, transparency, and economic reforms that will enable our clients to make sound business decisions and protects their investment.

Our services target clients across industries and include:

Risk Analysis
Analyzing political and economic risk specific to our client’s individual and unique needs.

Fostering Connections
Identifying and connecting our clients to key players in government, civil society, and local communities.

Communication Strategy
Providing public relations support and cultural insights to effectively communicate goals and intent.

Service Opportunities
Recognizing educational, health, and humanitarian service opportunities to improve the lives of local communities.

Market Assessment
Assessing markets for client’s industries and designing an entry strategy.

Compliance Support
Navigating remaining U.S. economic restrictions, including the Office of Foreign Asset Control’s Specially Designated Nationals list.